December 15th, FAI publishes Klaus Ohlmann’s claim for a world record, distance on triangle of 1.600 km flown December 8th, clearly outside of the area specified in the NOTAM by 113 km. One can  easily imagine our reaction, and I immediately asked FAVAV (Argentinean Federation) what was their position about the validity of such a flight since, for the simple mind that I am, a NOTAM is law.

At our immense surprise, they officially answered on December 20th that “the area defined in the NOTAM 4274 don’t exclude any other area, nor is a box out of which one cannot fly. In addition, if you can get a clearance from an ATC to fly outside of the area established in the NOTAM, you can do it”.

This clearly meant that the Germans had already agreed with the FAVAV on the merely informative value of this NOTAM, although the clearance until FL 280 had to be  enforced. It was a pity that they had not informed us. We had the feeling of having been tricked and the best answer to this act was to beat this same record while using the same methods.