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12-12-2012 World speed record out and return of 1000 km
Pilots: Philippe Athuil and Jean-Marie Clément.
25-12-2010 World records triangle free distance 1634 km and declared 1586 km.
Crew: Jean-Marie Clément and Bruce Cooper.
The weather conditions of these first two months were not favorable to great distances on a north-south axis and the high humidity pushing the cloud cover very inland, these conditions seemed propitious to an attempt of a large FAI triangle. Despite the rather poor conditions along the first two legs, becoming execrable in the third leg of 650 km, with a wind dying completely at the crossing of the finish line, we still managed to break this record on our first attempt. It was a wonderful Christmas gift but also an incredible accumulation of errors and misfortunes. This leads us to believe that after correcting errors and with better weather conditions, the 2000 km triangle may not be out of reach.
Full narrative of this flight in the report of the expedition on the homepage and in the magazine Vol à Voile #148 downloadable in the DOCUMENTS section.
26-12-2009 World speed record on 1000 km out and return
Pilots: Jean-Marie Clément and Bruce Cooper
After Christmas day and despite we went to sleep quite late, the alarm clock rings at 4am but it is pouring outside. Back to bed with new alarm clock at 5am, the rain is still there. So we left for the late morning, and after a good lunch and a coffee, we decide to fly a 1000 km out and return with starting point at Bariloche.
The contract will be fulfilled in 4h50, 208 km/h average, new world record. That will only last a moment of dream because Klaus Ohlmann will do it with five minutes less the same day on a course shifted 250 km to the north, avoiding the worst part of crossing the wake of Lanin Volcano, which destroys any organized system for more than 100 km.
13-12-2009 French three turnpoints distance record 1544 km
Crew: Jean-Marie Clément & Jean-Baptiste Claudin
Takeoff at 8h local for a flat triangle of 1500 km. All goes fine up to the first turning point, conditions to the north become extraordinary and we decide to continue. Unfortunately the control of Mendoza limits us to FL 195 and the lenticulars are higher, we can not fly above so we have to turn back. Are also quite frustrated to hear that Klaus Ohlmann was allowed to fly higher, he is now on the return and he too will have to come down.
The leg to the south is a delirium of lennies and rotors and we close the triangle without problem, with 2340 km on the calculator display.
15-01-2009 The most beautiful Bidone’s hydraulic jump ever seen in 50 years flying
Take-off around 3pm for an 800 km triangle. An enormous hydraulic jump cloud forms above the pampa. The orgasm starts. The ground speed on the return leg reaches 200kt and the altimeter reaches without effort 25.000ft. Around 20h30, the sky becomes a delirium of forms and colours, the rebound wave lenticulars take all the tonalities of the grey while the front of the hydraulic jump changes from white to red passing for the yellow. We take pictures of one of the characteristics of the hydraulic jump's pseudo lenticular cloud: the leading edge is extremely frayed, the width of the fringes is few tens meters and their length is several hundreds meters. We live the most beautiful sky in 50 years of flying! See photos.
05-01-2009 Could finally enter the core of the Bidone’s hydraulic jump.
A mega Bidone's hydraulic jump in a 1.200 km triangle flown as declared. Seen again a "reverse rotating rotor". At the Catan Lil ridge, under the pseudo lenticular of the hydraulic jump, the wind speed falls down to 1 km/h: we have found the heart of the hydraulic jump, where all the kinetic energy is converted into potential energy. Then the ceiling collapses in curtains of snow and rain. The return is a delirium of lennies at all levels. See photos.
23-12-2008 Living the birth of wave in Southern wind
Take off in blue sky, climb in confluence. First leg toward south in weak wave. Then formation of lennies above on the steppe and very high cirrus, formation of a giant hydraulic jump. Locked at FL195 because of ATC. Formation of enormous rebound wave lennies in combination with a Bidone's hydraulic jump. See panoramic movie 360° and photos.
21-12-2008 Trapped between zero wind area and 8/8 coverage
Late take off because of snow. The flight ends early to the north because of lack of wind, no more wave, no more wind on the ground. The flight ends to the south because of 8/8 cloud coverage. On the last leg, magnificent wave clouds at intermediate altitude (between 10.000 and 16.000 ft). See photos. Weak lift, average of the flight 1,3 m/s. Because of too high temperature: -20°C (-4°F) at 22.000 ft.
15-12-2008 The wind increased to 100 kt, coming back home becomes a challenge.
We take off for a training flight to the South with a very difficult start because of too many clouds in a travelling cold front. At 200 km, the wind at 23.000 ft increases up to 100kt turning to 300°, which means 30° headwind component on the way back home. Rowing hard on the return leg, applying all tricks and tips accumulated in 50 years of flying!
08-01-2008 The first French Out-and-Return 1.000km in 15m class and 3 more records
Four French records in one single flight with a 2CT-15m: the first out-and-return of 1.000km in this class, the speed on this course, the distance on three points 1.187,6km, the free distance on three points 1.421,3km.
21-12-2006 We take-off without enthusiasm for a "training" out-and-return of 1.000km, it turns out to be world record breaking the 200 km/h barrier
The day before, the wind was blowing 90 kt and it was impossible to move from local flight. Nobody wanted to fly and we take off rather unconvinced with a declaration of out-and-return 1.000km, just to have some route to follow. The wind appears less violent than the forecast, the half to the North is absolutely fantastic whilst the half to the South is just marginal, but the average is a world record in 4h57 at 203 km/h. We can say that we missed our 5 hours silver badge but succeeded the 1.000km diamond badge!
06-12-2006 The only glider in cross country flying with this wind (peaks at 90kt), and above all with the DG600 unballasted, on my fetish out and return.
Tasted the joy of the recovery on a ridge at km 400, saved by a Bidone's jump, it will take 10 hours to complete the task. Surprising Patagonia, this is an alpine average!
15-08-2005 Declared and free distance Out and Return 1.102 km, speed on 1.000 km O/R 107 km/h. Three Metropolitan French records
We came to Vinon for retrieving the glider outlanded in Vinon Sunday August 7th, but the meteo looked promising and we could not resist from the temptation to "reappropriate" our previous record broken in a splendid way by the trio Fort, Herbaud e Ranvel few days before.
Exceptional: Klaus Ohlmann flew the same track and both flights are analyzed, with photos.
07-08-2005 Free distance on 3 TP, 1.340 km, French metropolitan record
A cloudy situation forced us to abandon the planned 1.000 km out and return, we shall convert it into a speed and distance run and will eventually land in Vinon.
21-07-2005 Distance on 3 TP, metropolitan and national French record 1.062 km.
With Michel Fache, he had the honor and pleasure to celebrate the centenary of the FAI realizing the first 1.000 km taking from Saint Crépin. No wind until Briançon, then all was as planned, with a beautiful landscape in the afternoon.
13-12-2003 In company of Fabrice Papazian, France record on 3 free points, 2582 km, the eve of my return in Europe.
Seen the best and the worse. Gone for an flight of 2500, abandoned at the km 900 for absence of wind, extraordinary conditions at mid-flight.
07-12-2003 The rain of the morning doesn't frighten the pilot, France record of speed (243 km/h) on a flight of 500 km, while leaving to the teatime.
In company of Jean-Parick Guillaud, world record missed for 3 small minutes....
02-12-2003 In company of Jean-Parick Guillaud, french speed record (145 km/h) on a flight of 1500km.
The last hours spent looking for emergency landing, because of rain and snow in Bariloche.
28-11-2003 Copy of the 26 with Fabrice Papazian.
Same motive, same punishment!!!
26-11-2003 Attempt of Northbound 1500 km with Fabrice Pérocheau, copy of the precedent.
Abort in Zapala, same motive, same punishment!
25-11-2003 Attempt of Southbound flight of 1500 km.
Complex and full of surprises flight , first "strong" contact with the wave of Bidone.
23-11-2003 The first flight of 2000 km as foreseen of the soaring history.
The pearl of 2003: the flight of 3 world records, in company of Fabrice Papazian.
21-11-2003 Northbound 1000km, with Fabrice Pérocheau, record of France of speed 141 km/h.
First flight, practice, already the waves looks powerful.
19-06-2003 Biella-Bardonecchia-San Peter in Tyrol-Jungfrau-Chaberton-Biella
1.200 km of turism, a non-good day, from the Briançonnais to the Tyrol.
24-12-2002 Bariloche - Laguna Diamante
French record, free distance on 3 points, 2.430 km.
20-12-2002 AR San-Martin-Belgrano
French records: free distance on 3 points,1.788,5 km, free out and return 1.527,8 km
12-08-2002 AR Varese-Olargues
French national and territorial records: distance and speed Out and Return 1.000 km and free Out and Return, 1.055 km
29-06-2002 Ride around Pò valley
Circular flight around Milan, Verona, Bologna, Parma, Piacenza, Alessandria, and Turin!
04-06-2001 AR Varese-Koflach
French record free out and return 1.000 km.
01-12-2000 From the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea
Pyrenees, 1.000 km between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean beaches.
29-11-2000 Pyrenean 1.000km
My first flight in the Pyrenees, French record, free distance on 3 points, 1.063 km.
15-07-2000 Out and Return Milan-Alès
French record free Out and Return, free distance 990 km.