The cake was so nice that it didn’t need cherry!

Since we went back, every new met person comes out again me the same question: it was not that good, didn’t see you beating record”? What a mistake! It was the most beautiful season in absolute since we went to Patagonia in 2002, the most beautiful holiday and moreover restful because we never had to use the alarm clock, and especially beautiful because practically all pilots could live the most beautiful situations of their life (and of mine in 50 years of gliding). I insist on the “beautiful” word because it often happened to us to slow down to enjoy the spectacle that offered itself to us. The apotheosis being the evening of January 15 that saw the formation of a double system classic rebound wave and hydraulic jump between Bariloche and San Martin to the precise moment where we passed Bariloche vertical at 20h30, the most beautiful sky of pilot’s memory, see the photo, taken from ground in Bariloche by Diego Vallmitjana, is guaranteed non modified. Difficult to believe, we were at 8.000 m under these marvels and I believe to have  lost the reason since I continued northbound to finally outland at night in Chapelco.
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