The books of science tell that the absolute void doesn’t exist. Hey, believe me, that is false, I met it. Bruce, John and I have all met it in the evening and the following day. I didn’t even open the IGC files since I was convinced to have lost everything. Bruce spent the day in meditative contemplation on the beach in front of a mirror lake, I don’t have any memory of this day and my diary is a white page. The absolute void.

It is only two days later, while Bruce was flying, that I began to read again the FAI sporting code, to find out that something was nevertheless recoverable and it is only on the third day that I had the certainty to have broken two world records, one being  distinctly better than the one of Klaus Ohlmann of December 8th (not yet  ratified).

John Williams should have lived more or less the same psychological martyrdom since he didn’t appear anymore. On my phone call, he confessed that his flight was only  1.997 km. I asked him to send me his file and found 2.000,1 km.
Champagne for all!