With growing insecurity and an inflation around 100% (prices tripled in three years), which have not been passed on to the exchange rate, mean that everyday problems and security concerns have exceeded the threshold of tolerability, they are now higher than the few remaining pleasures, which now cost more than Europe for a much lower quality; we must not forget that we are in the third world. Each day had its street protests with drums and pans, sufficient to obtain wage increases of a level unimaginable here, 25 to 35%, see newspaper articles below.

As for the increases in taxes and utilities, this newspaper article summarizes the incredible situation, which, in our country, would have pushed millions of people in the street.

Announcement of the tax increases for this year, ranging from 20% for the car property tax and municipal services, to 108% for water and sanitation, to 25% for cadastral values and 40% for electricity. Nobody reacts because it is enough to go down protesting in the street to get an equivalent salary increase.

As for security, paying attention to your wallet is sufficient during the day within the city center, where there are almost as many uniforms as tourists, see photos below, but the situation is different at night. Better to be two persons when returning home and check behind your shoulders before opening the door, your life worths nothing against that of a smartphone.
But we must stay positive, no doubt that the new President will be able to put back this ruined country, after ten years of family dictatorship and a corruption of a level unimaginable for us. Argentina is a great country, it has everything man may need, ice, sun, rain, wind, water, oil, gas, rich soil, it will become great again. It will just take time, many years, pain and tears. I’m not sure I’ll see that, but hope is the last to die.

In front of my door, the municipal police in bicycle and an armed guard watching the entrance of the Electricity Company’s office

On the other side of the street, the National Police in motorcycle. At night they all disappear, it is too dangerous!