The AIP provides for a 45 days allowance in Argentina without any particular formality, plus a possible extension of 30 days, plus the maintenance days. The Germans and I considered to be acceptable given the delays at the entrance due to the Chilean strike and days off for maintenance. It did not take into account the voracity of the bureaucracy which, at the request for the 30 day extension, replied in writing that it was necessary to produce the translation of all the documentation (registration, airworthiness, insurances, pilot licenses and medical) in  Spanish language, carried out by a certified translator registered with the college of translators of the jurisdiction, both being authenticated by a notary, and also “taking up residence in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires“. In other words, after 45 days, ANAC officials are no longer able to read English nor are able to communicate by e-mail but only in writing and only within Buenos Aires “intra muros“. How ridiculous ….. After discussion with our airport manager, given that the realization of these conditions would cost more than one thousand Euro and take several weeks, far beyond the scheduled departure date, we agreed to do nothing and leave Argentina within a couple of weeks. This may seriously complicate the next expeditions, but that will not concern me anymore, I throw in the sponge.